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Dr. Ting is a diamond plus Invisalign provider. Being a diamond plus provider is the highest certification accredited by Invisalign.  This elite certification means that Dr. Ting has consistently completed 200 cases very six months turning out to be 400 per year.  Dr. Ting has the knowledge, experience and works close with Invisalign to create a customized plan that fits our patients to create a beautiful smile.  

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With a few easy steps we can get you ready to submit your case to Invisalign. Using our state-of-the-art technology iTero scanner, we can take a fast and precise 3D digital scan of your teeth and map out a custom treatment plan just for you. That means no more alginate impressions !


Dr. Ting works with Invisalign to place what are known to be attachments/buttons. These are placed on specific areas of the teeth to place light pressure and cause the teeth to rotate and align to the desired position. Based on the ultimate final goal the number of trays will vary from patient to patient.  Invisalign clear trays are crafted  with SmartTrack technology making them a comfortable flexible fit and easy to transition. 





During your treatment it is crucial to wear the aligners  minimum 22 out of 24 hours to get desired results. Aligners must be worn all the time the only exceptions should be to eat, drink, or brush teeth. 

Why Invisalign?

  • No more poky wires !

  • Hungry? With Invisalign there are zero food restrictions! 

  • You can have the comfort to smile. Invisalign is the invisible way to correct your smile. 

  • No sore gums 

  • Don't have to deal with broken brackets 

With routine check ups Dr. Ting will evaluate your progress, insuring trays are properly fitting then procced to give you more trays.


 With Invisalign not only can you achieve a beautiful smile, with mandibular advancement tabs the lower jaw is enhanced to move forward. With mandibular advancement tabs  Dr. Ting commonly treats overbites and align the midline. In traditional metal braces, this is accomplished with elastics. The elastics will hook from a spot on the upper jaw to a spot on the lower jaw to apply that force.



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