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Herbst Appliance

A Herbst appliance is usually used in conjunction with braces to help the lower jaw develop in a forward direction. Patients using the appliance see rapid results and feel the benefits of having straight teeth and a properly aligned jaw. This small, easily tolerable, appliance promotes lower jaw growth!


Mandibular Advancement

With mandibular advancement tabs the lower jaw is enhanced to move forward. With mandibular advancement tabs  Dr. Ting commonly treats overbites and align the midline. In traditional metal braces, this is accomplished with elastics. The elastics will hook from a spot on the upper jaw to a spot on the lower jaw to apply that force.



The orthodontic temporary anchorage device (TAD) is a miniature device that is temporarily fixed to the bone to accomplish difficult tooth movement such as negative cants. In certain cases, TAD’s may reduce treatment time or provide an alternative to surgical correction or implants. Dr. Ting is one of the few orthodontists in our community that uses TAD’s to accomplish tooth movement that would otherwise not be possible.

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