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Dr. Richard Ting

Dr. Richard Ting has been creating beautiful smiles for individuals of all ages in lovely Rancho Santa Margarita since 2005. He earned his doctoral degree in dentistry from the University of Southern California in 1991 and practiced general and cosmetic dentistry for eight years. Driven by his passion for dentistry, he pursued further education at New York University, where he completed his post-graduate degree, specializing in orthodontics in 2001.

Coming from a family of orthodontists, Dr. Ting's younger brother, a graduate of Harvard University, served as the former chairman of UCLA’s Orthodontic Department. Additionally, his brother-in-law, a former instructor of UCLA's Orthodontic Department, is a successful and reputable orthodontist practicing in Manhattan Beach, California.
Dr. Ting stands out as one of the few elite orthodontists in the nation who have mastered the use of the MARPE (Maxillary Skeletal Expander), possibly one of the most experienced in the world. He generously shares his expertise by teaching fellow orthodontists the benefits and placement of MARPE worldwide through seminars and published videos.

His specialization extends to a deep understanding of clenching related TMJ issues. Dr. Ting has successfully treated hundreds of patients who previously experienced failed results with common appliances and methods employed by other dental professionals.

Functioning as an airway & structure orthodontist, Dr. Ting addresses airway issues and mouth breathing in children, teens, and adults. His state-of-the-art methods aim to avoid a lifetime dependence on appliances and prevent an altered bite. Dr. Ting routinely addresses occlusal cant problems, which involve slanted bites, smiles, and deviated/uneven face and jaw. This goes beyond the conventional focus on teeth alone.
He is the preferred orthodontist for many local dental professionals and their families. Dr. Ting also attracts dentists and orthodontists from out of state who travel to California for treatment due to his well-known expertise in the mentioned specialty areas.

Raised with strong family values, Dr. Ting and his wife, Sandy, who is also his college sweetheart, share a love for traveling. Outside of creating beautiful smiles, they enjoy scuba diving, off-roading, trying adventurous foods, and spending time with their adventurous son, Devin.

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