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Dr. Richard Ting

El Dr. Ting es un ortodoncista funcional/de las vías respiratorias . Mientras que los ortodoncistas convencionales limitan su tratamiento a nivelar, alinear y corregir levemente la mordida, el Dr. Ting trata mucho más. 
El Dr. Ting se especializa en identificar y mejorar los problemas de las vías respiratorias, desviación facial, desarmonía de la mandíbula, líneas de sonrisa inclinadas, exceso o pérdida de la dimensión facial vertical y el tratamiento de problemas relacionados con la ATM que los ortodoncistas convencionales no diagnostican o evitan tratar. 
El Dr. Ting también ofrece Invisalign como una alternativa favorable para niños, adolescentes y adultos.

He comes from a family of Orthodontists. His younger brother, a graduate of Harvard University, is the former chairman of UCLA’s Orthodontic Department. In addition, his brother-in-law, a former instructor of UCLA's Orthodontic Department, is a successful and reputable orthodontist, practicing in Manhattan Beach, California.


​Dr. Ting is one of the few elite Orthodontists in the nation who have mastered the use of the MARPE (Maxillary Skeletal Expander); perhaps one of the most experienced in the world. In addition, he teaches fellow Orthodontists the benefits and placement of the MARPE world-wide through seminars and published videos.


​He is one of the few dental professionals that have a true understanding of Clenching Related TMJ Issues. Dr. Ting has successfully treated hundreds of patients who have had failed results by other dental professionals using common appliances and methods.


​Dr. Ting is an Airway & Structure Orthodontists who treats airway issues and mouth breathing on children, teen & adults. Dr. Ting’s methods are state of the art and don’t leave patients with a life-time dependence of appliances and altered bite. Dr. Ting routinely treats Occlusal Cant problems (slanted bite and smile; deviated/uneven face and jaw), where most Orthodontists treat teeth only and/or consider these manifestations non-treatable.


He is the Chosen Orthodontist for many local dental professionals and their families. We also have Dentists and Orthodontists who live out of state and travel to California to be treated solely by Dr. Ting due to his well-known expertise in the above mentioned specialty areas. ​


Dr. Ting was raised with strong family values. He and his beautiful wife, Sandy, are college sweethearts and love traveling! When he’s not creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Ting and his wife love scuba diving, off-roading, trying outrageous foods and spending time with their daring son, Devin.

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